Bellagio-Italia Full White DVD Binder-3-Pack

$ 77.99
  • DVD Binder includes 12 Sheets, enough to store 48 DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, or Video Games --can be expanded by purchasing additional Sheets from Bellagio-Italia to store 80 Discs per Binder
  • The only DVD storage with space for Cover Art -- simply fold or trim cover art from DVDs to store them in front of the discs, allowing you to create a visual library for your movies
  • Each DVD storage Binder has an Index Plate on the spine to label your collection. Keeping your movie and video game collection organized by genre
  • Book DVD Binder is designed to stand up in a book case, giving the appearance of a classic leather-bound book
  • Each DVD Storage book measures 11" tall, by 9.25" wide (cover) and 2.5" spine width

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