Folding Phone Wallet for Credit Cards and Cash- Carbon Fiber

$ 10.99

Stay accessible to your clients with this Bellagio Italia(TM) Wallet! This traditional folding wallet holds up to seven cards with ease, along with a hidden compartment for emergency cash and a 3M adhesive that helps it to securely attach to your phone without leaving any sticky residue. An elastic strap closure helps keep the wallet closed and materials inside secure and private.Protective exterior material resists water, and remains durable. Spandex pocket material keeps its elasticity, to ensure your cards and cash remain secure.

  • Completely enclose your personal cards, cash and receipts for security on the back of any device
  • Universal design fits on all phones measures 2.25" by 4.25" when closed
  • Ridged construction and material for durability, heat, and moisture resistance
  • 3M adhesive sticky to phones and cases, while leaving no residue when removed
  • High-quality leather look adds style to your phone

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